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FEISTY PUFFIN | Photography | Graphic Design |  St. John's, Newfoundland


About Me

Currently residing in St. John's, Newfoundland, the oldest city in North America, Melanie is a born and bred Newfoundlander. After a number of years of working and living outside the province, Melanie D. Smith, like so many before her had the call inside to come back "HOME". 


A "baygirl", originally from Normans Cove-Long Cove, Melanie takes the best of her bay and city experiences to create a unique outlook and a combination of hard work, skills and fun. She feels pure enjoyment for her work and embraces any obstacles or challenges to make what she does even better. Today and every day, she is grateful for her many blessings. Among those blessings  are her two healthy and strong-willed children, kind and loving family and friends, her health and her love of design and photography. Melanie has appreciation for the simple things all too often taken for granted. She enjoys soaking in the beauty and ruggedness of the Province and loves to explore whenever she can through hikes, running or walking. Melanie finds inspiration in the outdoors, the refreshing beauty of nature creates a peacefulness for the mind, body and soul.

Melanie began her professional journey in 2000, upon the completion of a Multimedia Communications program and has since worked on a vast number of solo and collaborative team projects. Melanie takes pride in her work and in the relationships she has fostered in the process. She firmly believes that her hard work will pay off, and that each day will brings her closer to reaching her goals. Melanie thrives on meeting new people and listening to their experiences and stories, these experiences make her photography and design work even more exciting and fun! Feisty Puffin creates eye-catching photography and graphic designs using media outlets including digital platforms, print and/or web.

Melanie D. Smith at Feisty Puffin is always looking forward for opportunities to explore new adventures, meet new people while learning new ideas and skills that she applies to her professional skills. 


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FEISTY PUFFIN | Photography | Graphic Design | St. John's, Newfoundland
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