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The emotional and historical ties to my province has always been an important part of my life throughout my years. Whether coming from the bay (baygirl), the city (townie) or living away in the Mainland(er), Newfoundland is and always will be home. I'm deeply routed here. My draw to those rugged rocky cliffs, cold Atlantic ocean and even those foggy days are a part of me. My brand is a refection of that. Creating a brand with the concept, design and representation of an image that matches my skills, personality and experience wasn't as difficult a task as I would have imagined. The FEISTY part, well that's me. There's a little Feisty Puffin in us all when we need it.

The Atlantic Puffin

The Atlantic Puffin is the provincial bird of Newfoundland and Labrador. With a beak (or bill) that changes colour during the year, its representative of the changing seasons and landscapes throughout the year. In winter, the beak has a dull grey colour, but in spring (or as I like to call it in Newfoundland, Sprinter (Spring/Winter)) it blooms to a outstanding orange! Puffins can be found on the rocky coastline, which also just happens to be one of my favourite and most stunning places to be.

The Pink, White and Green (PWG)

The pink, white and green tricolour flag, or PWG, can be seen all around the province. There is a deluge of clothing and accessories emblazoned with the flag, usually accompanied by the slogan "Republic of Newfoundland." It has represented the island for some 200 years. Yet Newfoundland was never a republic, and the PWG was never an official or republican flag. That it represents independence to some today as it always had.

The Colour Representation

Green - energetic, encouraging, liveliness

Pink - nurturing, energy, compassion, femininity, kindness, intuition, caring

White - simplicity, clean, honest, savvy, elegance

Black - experience, discipline, refined

Orange - playful, friendly, success, optimism, bravery

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